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26heaven.jpg (16660 bytes)
This picture of an antique alter table has special meaning to me. Dolly Parton had a series pilot in Orlando and they couldn't find an old period alter table to match existing found pieces. They sent a P.A. over to me with a Polaroid and said they had an existing piece damaged the day of the shoot and needed one to blend in (in that afternoon). So, I hopped in the truck, drove to the local lumber yard picked out a bunch of found trim / detail items, designed this piece in my head on the way back to my shop. I started creating and doing the scenic myself because all of my crew were busy on other projects. Five and a half hours later I delivered this set piece personally in order for them to finish shooting that day.
69pep.jpg (18968 bytes)
We had to recreate a PepBoys AutoParts store on stage, so that they could shoot down on it to mimic the roof slamming down on the store at the end of the commercial.
72mardi.jpg (21729 bytes)
When Universal Studios Florida called and said they had some ugly Rubbermaid Rolling bars that they wanted to hide we designed and built these Irish style pub units to plug right over the Rubbermaid Bars. You would of never know. The rear bars in picture 73 hide existing booths.
73mardi.jpg (20082 bytes)
When Universal Studios Florida called and said they had some ugly Rubbermaid Rolling bars that they wanted to hide we designed and built these Irish style pub units to plug right over the Rubbermaid Bars. You would of never know. The rear bars in this picture hide existing booths.
85.jpg (16599 bytes)
Beautiful functional modular stair case with stained risers, spindles and railing, and paint grade side panels and trends.
95.jpg (24634 bytes)
We built this great podium for our IBM Corporate meeting. We stretched the aircraft cable so tight you can actually play it.
27food.jpg (47666 bytes)

UPS Commercial 2000

12 x 14' Lighted Logo sign for corporate meeting/award show at the Hard Rock Café.
28food.jpg (28891 bytes)

Enrique Iglesias Summer Jams 2000

This 16' tall and 28' wide modular rising sunburst is a great backdrop for a stage or a free standing prop for a theme party.
29capt.jpg (19477 bytes)

FOX/Universal Multi Artist Special

GREAT modular set. 11 - columns ranging from 14'- 24' with fabric windows for internal lighting and leme flame tips lit with MR16 and powered by a 20" high velocity fan.
30capt.jpg (18831 bytes)
Backlit plexi podium/cabinet with P95frosted plexi face over steel frame with laminate top and drop wall.
31capt.jpg (24274 bytes)

Herbalife Trade Show

Under lit plexi riser stair unit with black laminate finish 6'W x 8'D x 54"Tall

Home Shopping Network

Custom radius cabinet for sales and display.

Cosmetic Commercial

Custom built make up stations with silver bronzing powder paint, black laminate top with milk white plexi inlay with vanity lights around.

Christina Aguilera Summer Jams 2000

These gorgeous modular high quality scenically painted and airbrushed pieces are standalone flats. They are great décor for any event for a day in paradise. 12 pieces from 5' x 7' to 9' x 15'.
27food.jpg (47666 bytes)

WACX Telethon

15 - 3 x 2 x 4 desk wraps for phone bank on telethon.
28food.jpg (28891 bytes)

Tinkerbell's Chest

Custon built scenically painted, jeweled chest used as a prop in a live show.
29capt.jpg (19477 bytes)

Zig Zag

Close up of custom-built doors entering coliseum.

30capt.jpg (18831 bytes)

Zig Zag

Close up of main entrance gates made of aluminum. Loose pin hinged for quick removal on casters and rolling side mounts.
31capt.jpg (24274 bytes)

Cars.Com Commercial

We built this café 50% scale garage with minature trees, etc. to use on a green screen gag where it was dropped on a car. We could change garage door to house entrance!

(Themed) Creative Services

How about these oversized playing cards. 4' x 8'. Poker anyone?


Divine appointment set for WACX. How about these great balusters, columns, and pedestals. They are all on castes and easily roll on and off set for different shots. Faux concrete, granite and marble are featured.
27food.jpg (47666 bytes)
How about this high tech desk and cabinet to step you into the 21st century.
28food.jpg (28891 bytes)

Weather Desk

This custom-rolling desk is going to be green screened and have live video projected on exposed area between cabinet and top.
29capt.jpg (19477 bytes)

ABC Logo Sign

When we were asked to create a high end looking logo sign that would light well externally and internally this is what we came up with. A 6' x 1' 3 dimensional sign with multicolor fiber optic rope lighting installed behind raised silver logo.
30capt.jpg (18831 bytes)

ABC Logo Sign

Close up of the ABC Logo Sign.
31capt.jpg (24274 bytes)

Church Street Christmas

Rolling décor for mobile game show.

Making the Band ABC TV Series

Custom built beds and cabinetry with laminate inlays and built in lighting.

Making the Band ABC TV Series

Custom built laminate inlay peanut shaped desk with tape legs.
27food.jpg (47666 bytes)

Making the Band ABC TV Series

Custom built beds for the guys, laminate sides and headboard.
28food.jpg (28891 bytes)

Tupperware Awards Show

Close up of under lit plexi and black laminate stairs accented with rope light border.
29capt.jpg (19477 bytes)

Creative Services

Custom laminate and glass block bar units with neon shape behind glass on wheels. 8 units.
30capt.jpg (18831 bytes)

HSN Lessman Counters

Custom built Connical table laminated with birchwood. Design has layered bullnose top and exterior door for access on casters.
31capt.jpg (24274 bytes)

HSN Lessman Counters

Custom built curved cabinet with steel shelving with plexi glass inserts and a burl laminate cabinet with rear access door.

Premier Christmas Set

Authentic, oversized functional props and presents for outdoor themed display consisting of over 50 items and props.


Center piece consisting of shallow oval decorative pond around sculpted statue with fountain water fitting that recycles water over sculpture.

FOX/Universal Multi Artist Special

2' square internally lit columns from 14 - 24' includes leme flame tip powered 20" fan dressed with 12" silver bar truss freestanding. Rent them now!

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